Ask Alan: What did I do before I was a Mortgage Broker?

Written on 03/18/2015
Ask Alan

Ask Alan – what did you do before you were a broker?

I went to Unley High School in SA

Studied Atomic Physics at Flinders University

Returned to Unley High School as a Physics Teacher

Taught a future Australian Prime Minister

Became Head of Senior College and Physics Teacher at Annesley College – a private school for girls

Built two solar electric vehicles that competed in the world solar challenge from Darwin to Adelaide while at annesley college

One of those solar electric vehicles (named EOS after the greek goddess of the dawn) travelled to Japan for an international invitation event and eventually carried the Torch for the Sydney Olympics.  (She now resides in the Birdwood Motor Museum in Adelaide.)

Obtained a Masters Degree in Management

Married and had two sons – winemaker and an  environmental scientist

Married again with two daughters – robotics engineer in the navy and a journalist

Owned multiple franchises with Mortgage Choice in 4 states

Built and sold a business that made and sold confectionery in Brisbane

Play golf once a week with a passion

Currently work in Brisbane CBD with clients around Australia