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Dr Tony Hayek : Blue Weath Property

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 At Blue Wealth Property we are passionate about investment property. We know it is a powerful asset class that plays an important role in wealth creation. 

Dr Tony Hayek is the CEO and Founder of Blue Wealth Property. He is a leader in the property industry and he regularly presents educational seminars to investors and industry professionals around the country. Tony created his personal wealth through property and he is passionate about teaching others how they can too.

Tony's advice and recommendations are sought after by investors, business partners and developers. Tony's opinions and articles are regularly published in the media and he has appeared on Sky Business News (Foxtel), Lateline (ABC), 6.30 with George Negus (Channel 10) and Your Money,Your Call (Foxtel). Tony has also been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review and specialist magazines for Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants and Investors.

Tony holds a PhD in Organisational Psychology. In addition to his role as an academic, Tony has spent the past decade amassing a range of skills in the Australian and international property sectors, having experience as a property developer, business consultant, sales manager and research and acquisitions adviser.